Christmas Turkey

Since we are home this year for Christmas I reminded hubby to tell his mom that WE WOULD COOK THE TURKEY!!!  You know, that way it will be edible?!  Well….. he forgot.  I got him to phone her and say that we will do it and sadly she won’t let me 😦 FML!!! Now I have to eat shitty turkey (at least I pray it’s fucking turkey and not loaf!)  I told hubby to be insistent as neither of us want to eat fucking loaf.  He tried to request it one more time only to be told that we can bring the mashed potatoes as “there is just something about Lindsay’s potatoes that is just yummy!!!”  Hubby got off the phone and laughed, looked at me repeated his mom’s words and said “Yeah, it’s called salt and butter!”  So note to self, I get to eat potatoes and christmas bark.  The christmas bark I was told that i needed to bring more as it is MIL’s favourite!  She raved about it and ate half the container at hubby’s birthday….. Yes I added extra “sugar” on top… AKA Salt! and it’s made with a cup of BUTTER.  See FAT and SALT = flavour!!!! FUCK MIL, can I just do all the cooking?!?!  PLEASE!!!!!!  I will demand to cook the gravy too once we get there as it is fucking easy to make from scratch and tastes better than the freaking chemical packages that she uses.

😦 😦 😦 FML!

Christmas Turkey

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