I Snapped!

The other weekend MIL came over (after bailing twice prior).  I finally snapped.  She brought a present for hubby for father’s day.  That’s sweet I hear you saying, and to which I kind of agree….. if it came from her.  NO! She hands it to J and says “say happy dad! and this is from you!” Yup, she bought a present for my oldest to give to his dad.  And yes, it was specified from just J, not G too! 😦  Yup, she is clearly playing favourites and I will NOT stand for that!  Several things happened this visit that just made me loose my cool because I can only bottle it up for so long I guess.  Or maybe because it is effecting my fucking kids,  Yup, probably that one!  We all know that MIL is not the best of baby people, that’s ok, not everyone it.  G is only 4.5 months old, but very solid.  Yes, I know that he won’t remember that MIL didn’t play with him at this age, but that isn’t the point.  J is 2 and thinks that it is only HIS grandma because he is the only one she will play with.  She won’t even hold G.

Now J took it upon himself to start potty training.  He is very good at telling you he has to go potty and runs to the bathroom (if you listen and watch him).  I was upstairs in the bathroom and could hear him clear as day yelling potty!!! Hubby was in garage cleaning something and G was napping.  MIL was the one playing with J.  She has seen him do this several times prior.  I figured she would follow him and help him take his shorts off……. think fucking again.  Poor guy was doing the potty dance in the bathroom and of course didn’t make it.  You could also see the look of disappointment in his eyes because he did everything right and nobody was there to support him.  I cleaned him up and he runs with a new pull-up to the living room asking grandma for help.  Her response was “oh you didn’t even tell me you needed to go!”

Next, J want to read stories in the chair with her.  She has long scraggly hair, so I think you can guess where this is going… She keeps flipping it out of her way and right into J’s face.  He in turn keeps trying to get it out of his face.  In doing so, his little fingers get caught and she gets upset that he is “pulling her hair!”  Are you fucking kidding me, you are blaming the two year old for you continually throwing your hair in his face???  YUP!!!

After playing outside in the mud and dirt, then then proceeds to walk all over the main floor with her muddy shoes…. Not amused at all!  Yes, we don’t have any carpet, but that isn’t the point.  Why???  It really isn’t that hard to slip your sandals off and bring them up the stairs to place them by the front door for your exit.  This has again happened in the past and I just clean up after her.  This time it got to me because G is desperately trying to crawl and is a freaking baby who puts everything in his mouth.  NO, I don’t need him to be eating all the shit that you drug into the house thank you very much.  I am not opposed to him eating dirt, that is freaking inevitable especially since we have two boys and live in the dirt.  I don’t need him eating extra dirt! Also, why is it ok for you do do that in my house, and you loose your shit when others get more than two feet into her house??? Double fucking standard much.

Finally it is time for J to go down for his nap (typically 1-1:30ish and up between 3-4).  She goes up and reads stories with him and dad, no big deal.  Then comes back down and proceeds to ask when he will wake up.  Hubby responds with, probably 4.  She was in total shock and utter disbelief.  She honestly was upset by it.  I guess she wanted to hang out, expecting it to only be an hour and then to play come more before she started work at 4pm.  Instead, she hung out with hubby until 1:40.  Again, G has been awake for lots of this time on his own, and not once did she even acknowledge he was there.  Only proceeded to talk about how much fun she had with J! She finally leaves and exclaims “that she says what a wonderful time she had playing with both the boys”……. ummmm you didn’t!

The next day I sent her a very polite text message thanking her for the visit but that going forward there are a few things that I would appreciate that she respect.  Please do not buy myself or hubby any presents from the boys or just the oldest (which is typically the case).  I understand that you were just being kind, but that it only confused the poor kid more and that it is our place as the parents to teach our children about gift giving.  Secondly, instead of getting upset at my 2 year old for getting your hair stuck in his hands if you could please keep it up and away from his face (I have asked this one several times in the past).  It is way easier for you to fix the problem!  And lastly, please do not walk around my house with muddy shoes, especially where the kids play!  I think this isn’t too much to ask for?

I Snapped!

Birthday Blues

Oldest son’s birthday is coming up. Hubby and I have decided to get him a balance bike, as he is only turning 2. Well, we had supper at MIL’s house the past weekend to celebrate BIL’s birthday. People ask what we are getting son, and I tell them. MIL’s BF instantly says, “OH! Don’t worry, I will get him one!!!” He then proceeds to start talking about his new job and how it will be stupid easy for him to get a bike, “heck, he can probably have one by the weekend……” BF apparently started another NEW job working for an Ebay power seller….. whatever that means. Apparently this guy thought averages $30K a month. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. I know that you are excited and want to help but please let us get our son his bike. I ask this because I have done hours of research and asking other mom’s about which bike and why. I have a VERY SPECIFIC bike in mind. Plus I said WE ARE BUYING IT at the beginning. I know he means well, but how do I say DON’T BUY A FUCKING BIKE!!!????

Son is going to be so overwhelmed at his birthday as my parents are coming and bringing my old kitchen centre from when I was little. Heck, that is ALL the toys he needs. We are very fortunate and have a basement of amazing toys from our friends that they have handed down to us that he doesn’t know exist yet. I know that everyone just gets excited and means the best, but seriously PLEASE DON’T BUY HIM ANY TOYS!!!!! I swear that if people get him any toys for his birthday that I am just going to put them away and donate them at Christmas time. Why is it sooooo hard to give him money for his RESP like we ask for each birthday and holiday???

I don’t know how to shout from the rooftops that NO MORE TOYS!!!

Oh, and it’s official, we are also hosting Christmas dinner at our house.
A) Shoot me now.
B) At least dinner will be eatable
C) Not making my munchkins travel at Christmas as they will be 2.5years and 11months old and the babies of the family. #stopmakingthebabiescometoyou

Birthday Blues

Medical Procedures

Disclaimer: I am by no means a Doctor, or nurse, or medical professional.  I do have a degree of Kinesiology so I am familiar with some stuff.  LOL

MIL has an odd sense of why you would have certain medical procedures done.  There have been two instances in the past two months that have made me shake my head and go “hmmm??”  (Please also tell me that you are now singing “Things that make you go hmmm?”  The first incidence was just before I gave birth to my second child.  Our household wasn’t feeling very well, hubby had a massive man cold where he literally couldn’t function, and I just about wanted to punch him, and my little was snotty.  MIL had planned on coming to visit, this was when she arrived at 12:20 (same thing as 3pm right!?!)  Anyways, she turned around and went home because we were all napping.  She then sent hubby a message stating that it was a good thing she didn’t come visit as she has “the flu”! To be safe, her doctor is sending her for a chest x-ray.  YUP!!!! I bet non of you knew that apparently nowadays to rule out the flu you get a chest x-ray!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

Yesterday she came to grace us with her presence……… apparently “before 9am” meant 10:15.  She also stayed until 3 fucking 30!!!!  yeah…… There was a time when hubby was in the kitchen tinkering, oldest in bed and I was feeding youngest.  She sat right beside me and played on her phone for 45 minutes not talking.  Anyways, she then gets ready to leave and explains to us that she is going for a mammogram today.  Ok, no big deal right? She is turning 65 this year and they are a good thing to get done routinely right.  Oh, that would be right if you did so for the proper reasons.   WRONG!  Mammograms are now apparently the go to tool to rule out that you have an infection.

Yup.  I hope that you feel as completely stupid as I do.  Who knew that x-rays were for the flu and mammograms for a general infection???!!!  Just throw the pie in my face please and get it over with.

Medical Procedures

Telling time

MIL has difficulty with time since BF came around. When she was single she was always punctual, now she is NEVER anywhere when she says she is. For example, hubby had a work Christmas party for once so she offered to babysit. She was supposed to be at our house for 5 so that we could be there for 6 (30-40min drive away). Also it allowed for the excitement of grandma being over to wind down before 7pm bedtime. Well…… guess who showed up after 6! Like 6:30!!!! Even hubby debated just staying a little longer at home to put our oldest downfor the night.

The last few rimes that she has actually come to visit us the same thing happens. “Oh! I plan on being at your house for 9am so that I can spend the whole day with the littles! ……… Nap time is 1pm at our house and she fucking knows that! So we say that if you can’t show up before noon to please show up around 3ish as nap will either be just done or shortly. Yup, can’t do that either!  When I was still very pregnant (not that long ago) with #2, she wanted to come over forst thing in the morning. Ok, come the fuck down then. When did she show rhe fu k up???? 12:20!!! Yup right at fucking lunch time when actually hubby was napping, my mom (who was staying with us for arrival of baby) was napping and I was putting oldest down early as he was cranky. Apparently that was what time worked better for her!  Ummm…. did you forget that you were the one who said 9am?!  This has happened EVERY TIME NOW!!! I give up on when she will show up, then the last time she WOULDN’T LEAVE!!!!  WTF was that about?!?  Thank fuckingg goodness that I had planned an outing wirh my girlfriend from 10-1! MIL showed up after I left and was still home when I got back at 1:20. Ok…. I figured she would leave shortly as she is petrified of babies and oldest was napping. Nope! 👎🏻 She wouldn’t leave!  Hubby kept saying things like “ok, so we are going to head out and pick up groceries once nap is over right?!”  Didn’t phase her. I then started cooking supper as what else can I do. At this point I also assume that you are stayin to ear as you have made no effore or mention of leaving. Dinner is ready and I tell everyone to come to the table. Yup, I got a “oh don’t worry about me. I will just sit here.”  Right?!? Hubby is like “just EAT!”  Supper is over and she STILL DOESN’T LEAVE!!!!! It was about 45min after supper was done rhat she finally left. Yup. Almost time for bath and bed!  As she was leaving she said “oh, I figured that with me being here that you would of shut your eyes and had a quick nap!”  Que internal yelling as when the utter fuck was I going to do that?  Hubby was playing with oldest, I had baby on a boob/cooking. I am just very confused as to how her just being at our house meant that I could nap? If you want to hold baby ao I can nap, please say so. Don’t assume that I will tell you to take my baby so that I can nap. I won’t do it. That is my personality.  More importantly MIL is again petrified of babies!  Am I to trust you for what an hour as I sleep and you don’t touch/hold your grandson? NOPE! Not going to happen 🙅‍♂️!


I guess what I’m getting at is FML, she says that she will be here tomorrow dor 9am!  Let the guessing games begin as to when she shows up and now when the hell she will leave. Someone just shoot me now.

Telling time

We moved, and now you want to too!

So I currently am sitting here very pregnant and beyond frustrated.  Friday hubby received a phone call saying that his mom would really like to come over and visit with us Sunday morning.  Ok, no problem, any reason? She said that she would like to discuss with us her retirement hopefully at the end of this year around her birthday (November).  Uh, ok, that isn’t our decision but sure!  The next day hubby received another phone call from mom.  This time she starts freaking out telling him not to mention her possible retirement Sunday as her BF is coming and he doesn’t know about it yet….. FUCK lady grow up already!!! Who cares! It doesn’t matter anyways and this Jr. Highschool BS is just that, BS!!! I got upset with hubby after he hung up for that reason, I reminded him that this is the same thing that she was doing once she started dating and wanted me to tell hubby that she had a BF! Ummm, NO! I am about ready to go out and buy you a freaking pair of big girl underpants already since you turn 65 this fucking year, I think it’s about time you probably have a pair!!!  He has no say in if you retire or not.  Hell you kicked him out of the house months ago because you didn’t want to even discuss the possibility of his kids moving in (because they asked once), so NO he has NO SAY in if you choose to retire or not.  Just like hubby and I have no say!  Is it what you want to do?  Can you afford to do so?  Do you want to?  If the answers are YES, then FUCKING RETIRE!!!

Don’t worry, it gets better……

Backstory: At the beginning of December hubby and I purchased our first house!  We moved 1hr away from MIL (with no traffic, 1 1/2hr with) so really not that far away.  Plus, we all know how often she visited when we were 5-15 minutes away anyways.  We are still excited as it is a better commute for hubby to his work and a smaller town vibe (we live in a pretty close knit community with amazing neighbours!).  Housing prices were WAY more affordable this way, as quite literally the only way we would have been able to afford a house where we were was to honestly win the lottery.

After all of the freaking out about trying to make it our decision if she should retire or not (but don’t tell BF) we are dropped with another BOMBSHELL!!!! In case you are wondering, yup we aren’t allowed to tell her BF this one either!!! lol. In case you haven’t figured it out by now: YUP!!! We are told that she wants to MOVE CLOSER TO US!!!  The reason that she want’s to retire we are told is because she has “DECIDED that she wants to be become a grandma!”  Yup, you read that right!  Let me repeat: SHE HAS DECIDED SHE WANTS TO BE A GRANDMA!!!  Because she want’s to finally participate in our 19 month old son’s life and our second child’s life, means that she wants to move 15 minutes down the mountain from us and retire so that we can “hang out” during the week ALL THE TIME!!! YUP, apparently she has already started looking at condos.  SHOOT ME NOW! SERIOUSLY! PLEASE SHOOT ME!  I don’t even know how to respond to this especially since, ummm, she is forgetting that she has two other grandchildren too!  One is 15 (shit, maybe 16 next month!) and the other 10!  They live an hour the other direction from her (currently) and she actually is INVOLVED in their lives!  So…. she is going to become my BFF and always be at my house and forget all about her granddaughters?


We are then told that she want’s to spend all morning with little one so that they will be at our house bright and early Sunday morning at 7am!!!  No worries, hubby says as we are typically up by 5/6ish and little man goes for nap at 1, so you will have plenty of time to play.  Yup, they showed up just after 10.


We moved, and now you want to too!

Cha cha cha changes

So many changes are fastly approaching in my world. Today is Thanksgiving day and I am going to TRY and continue the tradition of keeping my mouth shut around family. I am probably going to scream at the first person that tries to rub my belly, as yes I am currently pregnant with #2! 🙂 When I find the majority of those people annoying AF, then NO don’t freaking touch me. Since finding out #2, hubby and I have decided that we need to become adults and buy our first home together. Super exciting and nervous at the same time. Next week we plan on spending a day with our realtor and seeing more open houses, then having a prenatal appointment that evening. Well, one evening MIL was at our house and hubby started telling her about where we are looking at moving to. She then follows it up with “OH! I’m looking at moving that way too!!!!” My heart fucking melts! This is a joke right!?!?! You don’t honestly want to move out that way??? This cannot be happening!

Turned out that MIL kicked her BF out of the trailer because his oldest child inquired if perhaps he could move in with dad. At the thought that perhaps that was a remote possibility, MIL decided that it would be best if that after 2-3 years of living together that they should “just date!” So out moves BF to a 5th wheel and now MIL cannot afford to pay for the trailer on her own. She needs to move. So instead of moving to a smaller place and one that she can afford, she wants to move to be closer to me??? OH HELLS NO! I am wanting to move away as it would be at least 1-1.5hrs away from you!!!! Currently she lives 15minutes away. YUP 15 fucking minutes and we still don’t see her. Why the F would you want to move further east with me to what, still not see your now grandchildren but be able to tell your friends that you live near them? NO just NO! She then has the odasity to ask when we are looking at places and to let her know. Yeah, if you honestly think that you are coming on showings with us you really have another thing coming.

Hubby was supposed to meet his father this weekend. Apparently he got called into work so sadly it wasn’t able to happen. SIL calls him up and explained that perhaps next Saturday could work (yup, my birthday) as that works best for her! Whatever, to me it is more important for him to meet his dad then my birthday. He then is asked by SIL if he talked to MIL about him wanting to meet his dad and said not to as she would be upset! FML, ok now hubby wants to talk to him mom and find out why she told SIL not to meet her dad at 14 and wait until legally she couldn’t do anything about it. I am now having to keep reminding him that all this happened 25 years ago. Whatever his mom’s reasons for being upset with his dad is between the two of them and should in NO WAY deter him from finally meeting him. MIL has had this hold over his head his whole life, and only he can determine what, if any relationship he wants to have with his father. So now I am 100% sure going to have to probably tell my MIL that not everything is about her and to stop her fucking crying as her son is allowed to meet his fucking father whether she likes it or not. FML! I can already hear/see the fake tears flowing. If she tries to mess this up I don’t think that there will be any way I can bite my tongue!

Son is asleep, I need to pack shit to take to MIL’s for supper, hubby is out buying stupid buns for dinner and a gift card for his sister.  I asked 3x last week if we needed to bring/make anything for today and was always told “oh no!”  Then last night after all the grocery stores are closed we are told to bring buns.  We don’t know how many buns because we are unsure the number of people for dinner after the fact that BF was kicked out.  This morning at around 9am, yup holiday monday we were told “OH??? 2 dozen of course!”  I guess that means the gang is all there?  As for the gift card….. we FINALLY got it down to NO PRESENTS for birthdays because exchanging GC’s is stupid at this age and so are forced presents, but SIL guilted everyone into “pitching in for a laptop that she NEEDS for work” for her birthday… Needless to say that pisses me right the F off because if you need it for work, work would buy it for you.

Wish me luck that I don’t murder anyone!  ……… I’m not promising anything!


PS: no I have NO idea what mystery food we will be enjoying this year either……. 😦

Cha cha cha changes

Adulting is Hard

We were walking around the hardware stores this past weekend and it started to pour.  The car was left at the last store and sadly MIL’s house was closer.  Instead of getting tiny human sopping wet, we decided to head to MIL’s house so that he could eat his lunch while being dry and send dad to get the car.  This is when we found out just how hard it is to be an adult!  SIL is turning 39 this year!  She has two kids, lives on her own with kids and BF.  She has a full time job and so does he.  SOOOOO…… can someone please tell me why the fuck the following is still happening:

A) She still gets government subsidies for being a “single mom”.

B) MIL co-signed a car loan.

C) MIL paid to get SIL’s taxes done with hers, and thus paid someone $250 to do it!

D) SIL still gets a $100/month ALLOWANCE from MIL!!!!!!!



Seriously, we all have had to grow up at sometime!  Both the boys in the family don’t get any of the above treatment.  SIL is the oldest one of the kids too…….(unless you ask MIL, who introduces hubby as such.  Middle child is the new oldest?)

I told hubby this on the drive home as MIL was basically telling me all of this while tiny human was eating lunch and the accountant came over.  Boasting about SIL’s taxes like they were public knowledge and that “you know, it’s really hard for her?!”  IS IT?!?! Or has she just never had to grow up because you allow her to act like a fucking 5 year old.  Why not just wipe her ass while you are at it?

Adulting is Hard